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X-rays are usually pictures of body parts not intersections so this stands out as unusual. The fact that the doctor points at the jack and says the dreamer is going blind in his left eye makes this scene even more curious. Let's tackle the symbols. First, the x-ray. The most basic definition of an x-ray is something that shows you what you are not able to see with the naked eye. So the dreamer's being shown something he does not currently see.

But what is it?

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A jack floating over a cross walk that is somehow connected to the dreamer going blind in his left eye. So what's a jack? A piece in a child's game?

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Well, yes, but there is something more going on here with the symbol. Where is the jack? It's several feet in the air above a cross walk. I got to tell you I struggled for several hours over the meaning of the symbol and I finally got it when I thought of asking "What do you call a jack that's suspended several feet in the air? The dreamer is being shown there was a plan to attack his vision "You're going blind in your left eye" , when the doctor pointed to the "high jack".

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It's also important to note where this "high jack" is suspended over a cross walk. Now here is where it gets really personal.

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It just so happens that the dreamer's faith is Christian and the cross walk is a reference to his Christian walk. With this added detail the interpretation comes into focus. The dreamer's being shown that there's a plan to hijack the vision of his spiritual Christian walk. So the next time you're searching for the meaning of a symbol in one of your dreams, try reducing the symbol to it's most basic definition and plug it in. Skip to content.

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Instead, here is a small sample of the 55 answers I found on the website: A dreamer who has a fair knowledge of dreams says that snakes are a symbol of the unconscious, they indicate that the dreamer is in the process of healing and resolving issues, they are an untamed part of yourself or untamed resource, or intuition or spiritual aspects of yourself.

Dream: The dreamer is outside and sees a cobra within striking distance.

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They are not afraid and have a sense that the snake is under control, even contained, although it's out in the open and there are family members milling around who don't see the snake. The cobra is standing tall, as if ready to strike. When looking at a dream symbol in context of this dream dream which should always be done , you'll notice the dreamer is not afraid. That fact should stand out because when such a deadly reptile is within striking distance it's very common for any person to be afraid. It's also important that the dreamer has a sense that the cobra is under control and contained.

If you apply the long tale or lie meaning to the symbol of the snake, the dream means that the dreamer sees a lie that no one else in their family sees.

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It's contained and not currently a threat. The dream doesn't define what the lie is, but when I told the dreamer the interpretation they knew exactly what I was talking about.

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